Adult Helpers

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Scouting provides the opportunity for young people to experience new activities and to learn from those experiences. This is also true for the leaders and helpers. 9th Walton is one of only 60 scout groups in the country to have RAF recognition. We need more adults to help us exploit the opportunities that this provides.

Scout Groups are run by unpaid volunteers. This is how we manage to do such wonderful activities for so little money. Our loyal band of volunteers consists of :

  • Section Leaders. They arrange and run meetings, sort out the section finances, keep a record of all the members, arrange camps and other activities and a myriad of other tasks.
  • Assistant Section Leaders. These are people that help out regularly at meetings, though not necessarily every week. They are warranted Leaders, who wear a uniform and who can take over the running of a meeting from the Section Leader, should the need arise.
  • Section Assistants. These are similar to Assistant Section Leaders, but do less training and can therefore not deputise for the leaders.
  • DofE Helpers.We support local schools by allowing students doing the Duke of Edinburgh scheme to do their service with us. There is some training involved, but we can provide that.
  • Parent Helpers. We run a rota system where each volunteer parent helps out at roughly two meeting per term. This may involve being a referee for a game, teaching skills (and perhaps learning a few), or perhaps just acting as a crowd controller. Parent helpers can also come on camp and pack holidays with us.
  • Fund Raisers. We regularly have bag packing sessions and other fund raising activities. Our fund raisers run the activities that help bring in much needed money that is used for purchasing equipment and subsidising activities and camps.
  • Group Executive Committee. This is a committee that meets about four or five times a year to discuss large purchases, fund raising and other matters that concern the whole group (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts). There are a number of key personnel within the committee. These are :
  • The chairman.This person keeps the committee under control and stops the conversation wandering. He/she also makes a speech such as at the AGM.
  • The Secretary. This person takes the minutes and distributes them to the members.
  • The Treasurer. This person is our accountant. He/she collates the accounts from the leaders, advises us on such matters as tax relief and presents a report to the AGM.
  • The Fund Raising Coordinator. This person does all the organising for fund raising events, getting other parents to volunteer and making sure people and equipment are in the right place at the right time.


What Can We Do for You?

We don't just drop our helpers in at the deep end. We have a comprehensive training scheme. We buy the uniforms for you and we pay your expenses. Oh and you get to do some the activities that the kids do too.

How can you help?

As you can see from the jobs above there are a number of ways that you can help the Group. There are different levels of commitment. Some will suit some people more than others.

If you want to help at meetings or camps, where you come into contact with the kids then you will need a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) clearance, even if you have clearance through your work or other voluntary work. Don't worry it's not that bad a form to fill in.


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