History Of 9th Walton Scout Group

Why 9th Walton? Each Scout Group created in a town gets given the next number. Even if a group is disbanded the number is never reused. So we are the 9th Scout Group to have been created in Walton.

9th Walton-On-Thames Scout Group was originally formed as an Open Sponsored Land Scout group in January 1968 under the sponsorship of Walton Methodist church. The incumbent being Rev. Bill Robson. John Pearson became the Group Scout Leader. His daughter became the Cub Leader and his son in law became the Scout leader.

On 2nd October 1968 it was converted to an Air Scout group due to the keen air interest of the leaders and particularly as John Pearson was working at BAC Weybridge.

On 11th July 1969 it added "Viscount" to its name, with kind permission from British Aircraft Corporation (Weybridge). The chief designer came to a presentation and gave us a large photograph and scale model of a Viscount aircraft that was used in wind tunnel tests.

9th Walton was not the original Scout group to meet at the Methodist Church. That was 1st Walton. They wore the red and grey scarves that we now wear. Due to a disagreement with the church they moved out to their present hall and became the Sea Scouts. They changed their scarves to black and white. 9th Walton took over the church hall as their venue and adopted the red and grey scarves. At this time two of the former 1st. Walton scouts who wore the red and grey scarves were the brothers Horace and Tom Beck, both not unknown in this Church. Tom presented to the Group his original red and grey scarf which is a prized group possession.

During a church services it was noted that the Scout group had no flags. A member of the congregation, Mrs Pegley kindly offered to buy a flag for the Cubs and Scouts and Mr. and Mrs Beck presented them with the Union flag. Later when a Venture Scout unit was formed Mrs. Foster presented them with their Unit flag.

In about 1971 the Group gained RAF recognition. With the departure of the Pearson family to Northampton, Cliff Beck relinquished the job of Scout Leader to become GSL and Brian Chambers then became Scout Leader. Today the Scout Group still hold their RAF recognition status and are allowed to wear on their uniforms the RAF roundel.

In Britain there are between 3500 and 4000 air scouts from 130 Air Scout Groups with only 60 Groups in the country having RAF recognition.

Past Leaders

This history has been pieced together from various sources. If you were involved with the Scout Group or know anything about our history then why not drop us a line by clicking on the icon below.

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